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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jen's wedding shower

Jen is getting married on December 14th to a great guy named Dan. I am so excited for her. Last Friday night I attended a wedding shower given in her honor. I got lost along the way and was 15 minutes late. It was so great to see Jen, her sister Holly, and my friend Rayanne. I stayed and talked until 11:30pm. On Saturday, I drove to Kaysville for another shower. I finally got to see Lydia, Jen's mom. I was glad to see her after hearing that Jen's dad had gone through open heart surgery the day before. All seems to be going well on that front. I got some great pictures, especially of Jen's nieces. Afterwards, I went house-hunting/looking with Mom and Dad. We then went to dinner, where I bored them with the details of my life. All in all, it was a nice way to spend a Saturday.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Babysitting Lauren

I left work early on Thursday so that I could babysit Lauren. While Mom, Dad, Jen, and John went to the theater, I had lots fun with Lauren. I left work at 4:30pm, an unheard of time, and drove to Salt Lake. We had a great meal prepared by Jen and Mom. All the other adults left and Lauren and I got down to the business of play. We read books, played with farm animals, and ran around. At one point, Lauren found a purse in her toy box. She put it over her shoulder, and tried to leave out the front door. I laughed and she then started running around the house with the purse. I finally got a picture of her laughing and holding the purse. I tried to take more pictures, but every time I took out my camera, she wanted to hold it. The picture below is her coming towards me when she noticed I was trying to take a picture. I didn't get Lauren into bed until 8:45pm because we were having so much fun. Jen and John came home before 10pm and I was on my way back to Orem by 10:30pm. I love babysitting my nieces and nephews. They are so cute and funny.

The new office

The HR team, or at least everyone but the bosses, moved into a new office this week. I love it because it has windows. The four of us each have a wall which we share with various filing cabinets and a bookcase. My desk is fairly close to the door. Here is a picture:
Yeh!, I love my new office!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Front Room

Several people have asked me to describe the townhouse that I live in. Every time I do, I never seem to do it justice. Because of this, I think I will just post pictures. Here are the pictures of the front room, decorated by Sarah, and the bookcase on the staircase landing. If anyone is wondering, the coach Sarah is sitting on is very comfortable. For some reason, people don't tend to believe me when I say that. I tried to take a picture from each corner. Anyway, enjoy.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

My Halloween costume

Here is the costume and the face painting of my Halloween costume. Yes, I wore it to work. It was a huge hit. The picture of my face was taken by me, and the full body picture was taken by a coworker. While looking at this picture, I realized that I have inherited the Roberts nose.

Halloween at Prosper

One of the great things about my job is that they celebrate holidays. Here are some pictures from my work. The pirate is Whitney from Accounting, the Ninja is Travis from HR, the witch is Tracey from Accounting, the 80's chick is Erin from HR, the skeleton is Chris from the sales division, and the scary clown is Katie from payroll.