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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Babysitting Lauren

I left work early on Thursday so that I could babysit Lauren. While Mom, Dad, Jen, and John went to the theater, I had lots fun with Lauren. I left work at 4:30pm, an unheard of time, and drove to Salt Lake. We had a great meal prepared by Jen and Mom. All the other adults left and Lauren and I got down to the business of play. We read books, played with farm animals, and ran around. At one point, Lauren found a purse in her toy box. She put it over her shoulder, and tried to leave out the front door. I laughed and she then started running around the house with the purse. I finally got a picture of her laughing and holding the purse. I tried to take more pictures, but every time I took out my camera, she wanted to hold it. The picture below is her coming towards me when she noticed I was trying to take a picture. I didn't get Lauren into bed until 8:45pm because we were having so much fun. Jen and John came home before 10pm and I was on my way back to Orem by 10:30pm. I love babysitting my nieces and nephews. They are so cute and funny.

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Nana J said...

It makes me laugh to see how these little ones work so hard at imitating grownups. She is so fun to be around.