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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Babysitting Lauren

I babysat Lauren on Tuesday. She was so cute. I drove into Salt Lake and met up with Jen, John, and Dad. We ate at the Bombay House in Salt Lake. Mom was sick and Dad only joined us for dinner. Back at the Spencer house, Lauren and I ate some applesauce then played. Eventually I changed her into her pajamas and we played some more. Lauren noticed the bracelets that I was wearing and decided that she wanted to play with them. So I took them off and she decided to eat them and then throw them around. I put some on her ears and she eventually figured out how to take them off. We had a lot of fun until Lauren got tired. She refused to take a bottle. We went into her bedroom where we read books and talked to the plant in the corner. After a song or two, it was time for bed. She cried for two minutes, then went to sleep. I then spent the next hour and a half watching tv. All in all, a great night was had by all. The drive back was pretty good. The Coke I bought when I left Salt Lake helped a lot. Lauren is so cute.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday: scary then fun

This has been an interesting Monday. It started out very dull indeed. I did laundry, dishes, and cleaned my room a little bit. I looked at the want ads, then sent some e-mails out. By the time my roommate Camille came home at 4 pm, I decided that I wanted to walk to the library and to the cursed FedEx store to send some faxes. I left home while the sun was shining. As I walked, I talked to my lovely sister on the phone about my life in general, the job hunt, my roommates, and our planned meeting for the next day. (I am so excited to be able to babysit Lauren tomorrow night!) In the library I was able to pick up some children's books in Spanish for my roommate Camille (she is starting to learn Spanish) and then a video to watch sometime this week. As I walked home, I was almost hit by a car on Center Street when an older lady on a cell phone was not paying attention to the color of the traffic lights. It didn't really bother me since this happens almost every time I walk to the library. I stopped by the FedEx store where my favorite "bosses daughter" tried to help me again. I have given her this nickname because the several times she has tried to help me, she seems completely clueless. I would think she is a trainee but she appears to not care that she is unable to run any of the equipment in the store properly. Only a bosses daughter would be able to be so uncaring and incompetent and still have a job. It drives me crazy but cannot be changed.
The next part of my day was very exciting. I was preparing to cross the road that my apartment is on. I stopped at the curb, looked for cars, then stepped off into the road. Immediately, a car turned left from State into the road. I stopped and waved her on. She then stopped and waved me to cross the street. I declined and waved for her to go since I was on the side of the road and her car was in the middle. She waved me on again and I decided to make the decision for both of us by walking across the road. I was in front of her car when a truck turned left from State and came along side her. This truck and its driver had obviously seen that the woman's car was stopped but still decided to beat oncoming traffic and turn onto the road. He pulled along side of the woman, opened his door, and proceeded to yell at the woman and myself for being in the road. I immediately walked to the other side of the road and the woman drove off. The man then pulled into a nearby parking lot across the street and started yelling at me. He was of the opinion that I did not have the right of way because there was no painted crosswalk. I was causing a serious problem and he was going to yell at me like a maniac to fix it. I yelled back that I had the right of way because I had crossed at the corner. He then yelled at me some more. That is when I yelled that I only argued with rational people, turned around, and proceeded to continue walking to my apartment which was only 30 yards away. I think he was considering crossing the street when the woman who had stopped for me in the first place drove up. She had seen in her rear view window that the man was yelling and came to assist me. He then started yelling at her and insisting that she roll down her window so they could talk. She refused, yelled at him for yelling at me, and drove off. He then went into the bank. When I walked into my apartment, I told Camille what had happened and we expressed our shock at the mans rude behavior. An hour later, Sarah, Camille, and I went to Family Home Evening at Annie's house. We were led to her basement where I came face to face with the woman I had seen earlier in the car. It was the strangest coincidence. Our strange reaction to each other prompted everyone to ask what had happened. We, Tiffany and I, then proceeded to regale the group with the story of the rude man. It was pretty funny.
FHE was fun. We participated in skits in which we acted out stories of kindness. I played the wife of a man with leprosy. (My husband, Jake, was pretty cute.) After the serious part, we all mingled while we ate snacks. I had a good talk with Annie and was complimented by one of the Relief Society teachers. She said that, for someone so new, I was really fitting into the ward well. After FHE, a bunch of us decided to go to Baskin Robbins for ice cream and more socializing. Many topics were discussed, especially traveling to foreign lands. This something that I want to do more of. Chris discussed going to Germany and Africa. He is a very interesting guy. Anyway, now I am home. I so enjoy interesting days.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The redemption of the Orem Library

I believe that an explanation is in order. In my previous blog, I mentioned that I couldn't load the pictures for my blog at the Orem Library. I think I gave the impression that the Orem Library was somehow to blame. Here is the explanation: the Orem Library has just finished renovations. In fact, half of the library is still not available for patrons to use. They tried to cram the books and computers for one library into half of the space. Because of this, books were lining the walls by laying on the floor. If you want a non-fiction book, you have to ask a librarian to get it for you from their storage. The library had, and still have, only two Internet computers available. They are very strict when it comes to what you can do on these two computers. You cannot check your e-mail, any site that is for entertainment, or update personal blogs or websites. They are for research purposes and are limited to 15 minutes. As books and computers are moved into the new area, more computers will be available. I went to the Provo Library yesterday to get a card. There are a lot of computers there but I guess I would rather go to the library closer to my apartment. Anyway, thus ends my explanation.
On another note, I have had two interviews this week. Both interesting place but I won't hear anything for at least a week.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Aunt Jess is pleased to welcome....

Tanner Cole was born at 7:29 am on Saturday, Feb. 17, 2007. He is 16 and a half inches long and weighes 6 lb, 5 oz. He is a little smaller than most of the Johnsen babies, but is two weeks early. He was talken by c-section after Brooke spend ten hours in labor. When his heart rate dropped and the amniotic fluid was half empty, the doctors decided to pull him out. (Plus his mom was only dilated to a 5.) His head is a fun cone shape and bruised from trying to fight his way through the birth canal. He also has a club foot that I find to be adorable, but will be corrected by surgery. I saw Brooke on Saturday afternoon. She was doing well although still a little numb and very exhausted after being awake for 36 straight hours. Josh couldn't have been prouder as he took me down to the nursery. I took pictures through the glass and we discussed how amazing Tanner is.

It is strange to think that all of my siblings are parents. Each one is responsible for a little life, someone who is completely dependent on them. I hope to be the favorite aunt to all of them. I know this is wishful thinking, but I am willing to work hard to achieve my goal. After seeing the baby, Mom, Jen and I went to a baby shower. Afterwards I ate dinner with my family and was able to play with Lauren and Isaac until I headed down to Orem again. After I arrived in Orem, I went over to Happy's house and played games with a group of people I had never met. (Happy is Sarah's best friend and a very lovely person in her own right.) When I am able, I will load a picture that I took of Tanner to this post.

Two weeks in Orem

It has now been two weeks since I moved to Orem. I like it down here. The past two weeks have been filled with job interviews, cleaning, and getting to know my new roommates and members of the singles ward. My roommates, for those of you who are unaware, are Sarah and Camille. Sarah is my cousin, and is only a year younger than myself. She works full time while doing independent study. She is a smart, strong woman with an infectious laugh. She shares her room with Camille. This quiet, blond transplant from Boise, Idaho, is very nice. Camille is 21 and will surely benefit from living with two older and more irreverent roommates. My room is basically unpacked, with only two or three boxes remaining. I can hear a little of the traffic from my bedroom at night, but not so much as to keep me awake. The apartment consists of two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a kitchen, a front room, and various closets.
Right now I spend my time cleaning, going on interviews, organizing my room, reading, and discovering Orem and the Orem City Library. I have gone on four interviews in the last week and have two more scheduled for this coming week. It is very frustrating to convey your ability to do a job to the interviewer. Knowing that if they hired you, they would be very happy with your performance and would be sad to see you ever leave. How does a person convey that message without seeming very arrogant and full of self-importance? I have not figured that out yet. Anyway, the search continues.
The singles ward that I belong to seems very nice. Yesterday was my first time attending church there. I met several very nice people and renewed my acquaintance with some people I have previously met at ward prayer or family home evening last week. Some of those include Tyson, Brian, Cassie, and Alicia. (Hopefully I spelled all of these names correctly.) It seems like a fairly normal group of people (hopefully I can make friends before they realize how strange I am.) I hope to be able to conceal my past ward callings from this bishopric. I really don't want to be called as the ward chorister again. Some members of the ward and other nice people have graced our apartment this week. Tyson came over to watch a video with us girls and then he, JR, and Melissa came over for games. They ended up staying until almost 1:30 am. It was a lot of fun. I wish I could post more pictures with this post. Sadly, Sarah's computer seems to be angry with me. In order to show me who's boss, it will not allow me to add pictures. I had to go to the FedEx store in order to add them. They card .30 a minute to use their computers. What a rip off. Oh well, such is life. They also charge $1.00 per page to fax.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

First day in Orem

This was my first day in Orem. It was strange to wake up in a new bedroom. I slept well though. Nine hours of sleep for me is a little strange but I managed it. It must have been walking up all those stairs with boxes. My room is about 2/3 of the way unpacked. Today I helped clean the apartment, make dinner, and met some of the girls from the ward when they came over for a Relief Society lesson and pie. All in all, a good day. Tomorrow I plan to start looking for a job. Later this week I will give a longer update with pictures. I miss Kaysville but I know this is where I should be right now. Camille and Sarah are great roommates so far.