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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Recent Readings

Here are some recent readings that I would recommend:

Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman is a charming teen fiction. When Julia's best friend become obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, she goes along. Along the way, she meets her own Mr. Darcy. As a lover of Pride and Prejudice myself, I identified with the young main character. I am still looking for my own Mr. Darcy.

In Another Day in the Frontal Lobe by Katrina Firlik, a neurosurgeon describes why she went into medicine and some of the interesting cases she has encountered. For a non-fiction book, I found it fascinating.

Heart of Gold by Sharon Shinn is a book of fantasy. In a world where their are races with blue and gold skin, a young man discovers that a genetic weapon. He risks his life to save a race that dislikes his own. Along the way, he falls in love. Every other chapter is written from the perspective of the woman he kidnaps to help him in his scientific quest.

Mary Roach, the author of Stiff: the curious lives of Human Cadavars, has written a fascinating book about how dead humans have helped the living through crash tests, medical research, organ donation, and other interesting ways. One might think that this book would be revolting, but I highly recommend it for the curious mind.

The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan is the second in a trio of books. When a modern day boy discovers that his father is the Greek God Poseidon, all sorts of monsters start trying to kills him. With the help of a daughter of Demeter and a satyr, Percy goes on a quest. Although this books was written for the junior high crowd, I quite enjoyed it. I plan to read the third book in the coming months.

Great Books for Every Book Lover by Thomas Craughwell has 2002 reading recommendations for all types of readers. I love books that recommend other books. I find them a great resource for new authors.


Josh said...

Jessica, you're so well read. My fantastic reading list for the last few months would be:

The Deseret News from
The City Weekly from school
my free copy of SLTrib from school
and whatever books my professor FORCES me to read. Good for you.

Nana J said...

What an interesting variety of books!