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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A flood, fights, and some fun

First, I make my apologies to any readers of my blog. I know it has been quite a while since my last post. Perhaps an explanation of my last week will somehow explain my lack of posting. Last weekend was one of little sleep. I can't really explain why, but I could not sleep worth a darn. On Friday night I was only able to get a few hours. On Saturday night, I managed to get four. I saw the sun start to rise before my eyes closed for sleep. On Sunday night, I luckily got six and so was able to go to work the next day. I was a little grump and had a very busy day. I had to work late to work in the team list and entering the new hires. I went home and did my best to get some sleep. On Tuesday I awoke from almost seven hours of sleep refreshed and alert. Little did I know that I was in for a fight. While I can't go into it, being the confidential HR issue that it was, I can say that I was extremely annoyed and let my annoyance show to my boss and co-workers. I'm afraid that no one at work could ever accuse me of being unopinionated or nonverbal. Anyway, by 6pm I was pretty tired.
A little after 6, Sarah called me to ask if I had noticed anything strange about the water that morning. I hadn't. I was then informed that we had a miniature flood at our house and Sarah was worried that the water heater had decided to become a water fountain. By the time I got home, the problem was discovered. Our next door neighbor's pipe and burst and had flooded both her townhouse and ours. Sarah used the wet vac and I used the mop and we cleaned up the best we could. The owner of the neighboring townhouse came by to say that he would be calling disaster clean-up and being paying for the whole mess. The kitchen, bathroom, hall, and over half of the front room was a wet disaster. We moved some furniture upstairs and to a neighbor's house (thanks Scotty for babysitting the chairs and a table.) At 8pm, I decided to finally sit down and have dinner. Just after my mom called, listened to my day, and then proceeded to give me some bad news. Since it is not my news to share, I won't. Needless to say, I was in tears and decided that this was a horrible, no good, very bad day. I fell into bed expecting immediate sleep but was kept awake by my concern for another. Finally I got to sleep at midnight. The next day I was tired, emotional, and not in the mood to talk. Sadly, the Facilities manager asked how my day was going and I, unfortunately, told him. The poor man looked at my tear-stained cheeks marred by the horrible bags under my eyes and promptly offered me chocolate and a listening ear. The rest of the day did not go well.
On Thursday, I had another strong disagreement with my superiors. Not to worry dear readers, I won't regale you with the sorry details and thus turn your brains to mush. By Friday, I had decided that the week couldn't get any worse. Luckily for me, I had decided to go home for the weekend to see my sister and her dear daughter. I left work at a decent hour and went shopping for Sidney's birthday gift. I got to Kaysville too late to see Lauren before she went to sleep but managed to have a good talk with my mom and sister. Jen and I talked a little more as we lay in in the dark in the twin beds downstairs. It kind of reminded me of when we were younger and I went to visit her house in Salt Lake before she was married.
On Saturday, we decided to go to a little water park in Ogden after Alison suggested it. Josh called to see if Dad wanted to go to the movie that afternoon and ended up being invited to the park so his son could play in the water. Sadly, Britnie wasn't feeling well so we didn't invite Wyatt and Sidney. Only later did I realize that I very easily could have gone and picked them up, leaving Britnie to rest in peace. (Honestly, I think my brain is working slower these days.) It was a lot of fun and we ended up at a little sandwich shop for lunch. Isaac is getting more and more adventurous and Tanner is walking quite quickly these days. After we went home, Lauren and I went down for a nap and then got up in time to play outside. Jen left for dinner with some friends and Poppy and I took Lauren for a walk. I then bathed her and Nana and I put her to bed. Lauren is getting very good at singing "Old McDonald" and "The ABC song," which I can only attribute to good genes and having a great mother. Thus ended my week. Luckily, I knew that the new week would start out well because we were going to be celebrating Sidney's birthday. Thus ends the horrible week.

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Nana J said...

Cute pictures and commentary. I hope your weeks improve.