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Monday, November 09, 2009

Photo scavenger hunt

Tonight my ward participated in a photo scavenger hunt for FHE. The list was as follows:
  1. One member of the group doing a handstand.
  2. One member of the group with a boat.
  3. Two members of the group on their cell phones.
  4. Three members of the group by a Yield sign.
  5. Two members going down a slide.
  6. Three or more members forming a letter of the alphabet with their bodies.
  7. Three members of the team with someone in uniform.
  8. One team member next to a California license plate.
  9. All four members of the team with blue tongues.
  10. Two members of the team on a diving board.
  11. All four members of the team with a sign that says "Orem" on it.
  12. Three members of the team in a public laundromat.
  13. Three members of the team with a member of the FHE committee.
  14. Two or more members of the team under a bed.
  15. Two or more team members wearing sombreros.
  16. Three team members playing with light sabers in the toy aisle of a store.
  17. Three team members having a picture taken with a bald man with a goatee.
  18. One team member with a live farm animal.
  19. One team member checking out a book from the library.
  20. One team member ordering something from the Wendy's drive through.
They had one hour to get as many done as they could and the winning team of four people won gift certificates to a local movie theater. One team got all twenty (I know since I checked the pictures to verify.) I actually did not participate, hence the lack of pictures. I kicked the event off by handing out the lists and then I was on my laptop for an hour doing some work. Due to HP's visit to our office today I am really behind in my work. Instead of doing my usual stuff I took 23 typed pages of notes. There are many a meeting invite that I haven't responded to and I haven't even started the agenda for tomorrow's Executive Committee meeting. Despite this I am ready for bed and don't think I will stay up to work anymore.

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Nana J said...

That sounds hilarious! What a great idea.