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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My stamp

My siblings are very talented in both intellectual and artistic spheres. Each of my siblings has their own talents. My youngest, Jordan, has the ability to carve things. This started years ago. His latest creation was a commission for me. It all started over a month ago when he borrowed a book from me. He saw me write my name in a book and asked why I didn't have a book plate or stamp. I explained that years ago I had bookplate stickers to identify my books as belonging to me but I had run out. He then offered to carve me a book stamp if I gave him an idea of what I wanted. I eagerly sent him some ideas and this is what he made me:
It is carved out of rubber and mounted on a piece of wood. He did a great job (and I, of course, paid him for all the materials and his time.) Here is what the stamp looks like on paper: Thanks Jordan; you rock!


Sarah said...

I was having a hard time picturing this at dinner the other night when you were describing it, but this is incredible.

Shem said...

OK. THAT is cool. :)

Diane said...

Impressive, I must say! Mine is very generic and has room to write who the book belongs to in the middle. Unfortunately, afew people I have lent books to have not returned them. I may need something more impressive.

Roxanne said...

Very nice!

-A said...

Not to totally advertise on my sis-in-law's blog . . . but Jordan really loves his new stamp making hobby and would welcome commissions. So, if you want a custom stamp made, send a line his way.

Shannon said...

This stamp is amazing!! My fiance and I have been trying to find a book stamp for our wedding invitations - not a lot of luck. Apparently stamps of books are usually accompanied by an apple or globe because once you are out of elementary school, books are unheard of.

We are sending out our invitations as library cards in pockets (miss the days of those in library books) and we are having our service at Borders (where we met) and we want a stamp for the invitations and bookmarks we are making for everyone.

How much would he charge for a stamp?

Thanks so much!!

Jess said...

Shannon - If you send me an e-mail address in a comment I can get you in touch with him. The price would depend on the size and detail of the stamp. (I promise to not publish the comment so your e-mail address will remain private.)