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Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's good to be busy

I know it's been a while since I've posted. It seems like there is never enough time in a day to accomplish all I'd like to. In the past two weeks the following events have occurred in my life:
  • I regained electricity in my bedroom and bathroom
  • Went to Lagoon with my parents, a few siblings, and their kids (boy were my feet tired afterwards)
  • I lost my hat from work on Wicked at Lagoon
  • Did my Visiting Teaching (for those who don't know what I'm talking about, please visit
  • Sat through a very long lesson on dating and courtship (while making snarky comments under my breath to the person next to me)
  • Saw Wicked Tinkers in concert
  • Attended the Scottish Festival at Thanksgiving Point (it rained)
  • Went to Summerfest (it rained)
  • Watched the fireworks from my back porch (it had finally stopped raining)
  • Went to lunch with Sherri and Emily (it had been way too long)
  • Delivered lunch to a coworker and his wife who were working on a Saturday to finish a project
  • Attended a wedding reception (it started to rain)
  • Went to dinner with Cameron, Cami, Scotty, and Sarah @ Gurus
  • Attended a very long managers meeting at the Provo Library
  • Bought the new Glee CD
  • Had brunch with Sarah, Cami, Angie, and Scotty (I provided Milk and OJ)
  • Visited a friend who had just gotten out of the hospital after having brain surgery to remove a cancerous brain tumor (radiation starts in a little while)
  • Attended church, FHE, and Ward prayer (once again, see if you are confused)
  • Had a sit down with my landlord about renewing my lease and had a roommate meeting with our landlord about cleaning, leases, and construction in the basement
  • Listened to my roommate and gave her advice about work frustrations
  • Worked 8.5 hours each workday
  • Send my boss on yet another business trip and sent his wife a gift certificate from all the managers to apologize for all his trips.
  • Ate 3 healthy salads
  • Cleaned my bedroom and my bathroom as well as cleaning my car inside and out
  • Began reading a book on interviewing relatives for family history projects
This weekend I plan to get together with family, clean, and perhaps go out with friends or on a date. I hope you are having as much fun as I am.


Nana J said...

Whaaaat? You ate THREE salads? :-)

Jennifer said...

Three healthy salads?! That's an accomplishment right there.