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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A slacker (sort of)

It has come to my attention that I have been a bit of a slacker during the past two weeks. It has been pretty busy in my life and I haven't been sharing all the fun. :) The following things have happened since I made my last blog post:

  • Went to my company party in Provo Canyon
  • Sent my boss on a business trip to New York City
  • Arranged an onsite meeting with some big-wigs (including rooms at Sundance, dinner at the Tree Room, etc)
  • Went to Las Vegas with three friends for a weekend
  • Saw Phantom of the Opera in Vegas
  • Went to a Jack Johnson concert
  • Had two roommates move out (one to Salt Lake and the other bought a house in American Fork)
  • Helped my roommates move and clean
  • Had two roommates move in (the accountant and the teacher - so far so good)
  • Moved my bedroom from the small upstairs one to the master bedroom
  • Bought a baby shower gift
  • Visited my parents and siblings to celebrate August birthdays
  • Bought a new bookcase (this officially makes 5 in my bedroom)
  • Made a bowl for Sidney's birthday
  • Sent a package to baby Clara
  • Started planning a trip to Hawaii for 8 people (no, I don't get to go)
  • Attended church and FHE
  • Attended a goodbye party for Cami
  • Attended a party for Meg
  • Helped a friend trim rosebushes and gave advice on doing yardwork and watering
  • Bought a bedside table
  • Worked 40 hours each week
  • Gave blood to the Red Cross
  • Had a doctor's appointment
  • Went out to dinner with my Wednesday dinner group a few times
  • and ran many errands and slept a few hours


Nana J said...

Whoa! You have been busy. I can help you complete your art museum visiting goal. There is a great exhibit coming to the BYU MOA late this fall of Carl Block's paintings. You will recognize a lot of them. I can't wait to see them!

Jennifer said...

Glad there was lots of fun in there!