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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Warning: annoying person at large

The following happened at work on Monday:
A man came into the library talking on his cell phone. He set a book on cd on the desk, looked at the librarian, and pointed to it(meaning the book on cd.) He then walked farther into the library. The librarian checked the book on cd to make sure all the cd's were there and proceeded to check the item in. It was on hold for another patron, so the librarian put the new patron's name on it. The man on the cell phone then returned to the desk to inform the librarian that the reason that he pointed to the book on cd was because there was a cd missing. The librarian informed him that he was incorrect. Had he bothered to look at the cd cover, he would have plainly seen that there were only supposed to be three cd's in the case (the librarian said these words in a much nicer way though.) He then wanted to take it home again. The librarian said that he couldn't have that particular copy because it was on hold for someone else. The man on the cell phone then said "But I didn't want you to check it in." I ask you, dear readers, what was the librarian supposed to think? Being a good librarian and a person who tries to be nice, the librarian apologized and asked if she could put another copy of it on hold for him. What she wanted to say was this: "If you hadn't been yapping away on your cell phone, we could have had a discussion about why you were pointing at a book on cd. Turn that stupid cell phone off and attempt to be respectful in a place that is supposed to be quiet. If you want my help, treat me like a human being. Grrr." The librarian probably would have pointed towards the door at this point in the conversation.
If any of you readers feel the need to talk on your cell phone while in the library, don't. If you must, do not expect a librarian to be happy about it.


Josh said...

Yes, it's poor form to do so in a library. But I run into the same thing at work. My biggest pet peeve is when people want me to help them but they won't talk to me because they're in the middle of a phone conversation. When I was in paint one day there was a huge line, and the next person in line was on a phone. She wouldn't give me her order until she finished, so I skipped her and asked the next person for her order. The cell phone lady freaked out, and demanded that I help her next, and I told her I would be ready for her when she would be ready for me. It was satisfying nonetheless.

Jeremy said...

Like movie theaters, libraries should have some type of machine that blocks all cell phone calls.

Jayson said...

I agree with Jeremy on this one. Finally got a chance to check out your blog in depth. Great work!