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Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend report

This weekend I saw the movie "Man of the Year." It was a really interesting look at a our political system. Robin Williams plays a John Stewart type comedian who ends up as a presidential candidate. The preview makes this movie look like just a comedy but it has a serious side. It has an interesting, if slightly implausible, conspiracy theory. Anyway, it was worth going to see in the movie theater. I stayed out a little too late considering I had to work on Saturday morning.
I attended Stake Conference on Sunday. It was wonderful. It was sort of a regional stake conference. All Davis County residents were invited. I went to a stake center in Fruit Heights to watch it on the Satellite. Elder Bateman, Pres. Packer, and Pres. Monson spoke. It was two hours of spiritual food. I ended up taking three pages of notes. On Sunday night, Jen, John, and darling Lauren came for dinner. Lauren hadn't had a decent nap and was a little grumpy. We had a wonderful dinner, thanks to Mom and Dad. Dad and I took some cute pictures of Lauren before she became too grumpy. (I put some of mine on the family flickr sight.) It was a fun night. Lauren especially responded to her Grandma tickling her and playing with her feet.

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Josh said...

GREAT picture of Lauren! Do Jenn and John ever look at your blog? I bet they'd like this picture.