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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tanner turns 1!

On Sunday I was able to go up north to meet with my family to celebrate Tanner's first birthday. I drove up, spent a little time with my parents, then we drove to Brooke and Josh's house. We had great pulled pork sandwiches with salads and beans. The chocolate cupcakes and cookies for dessert were wonderful. I forgot to bring my gift for Tanner and have to mail it. Josh and Brooke's house is wonderful. They've done a great job decorating, especially with photos that Josh has taken over the past few years. Lauren seemed especially fascinated with a little chair that belonged to Tanner. It was so nice to see everyone (minus the Jordan/Alison/Aaron/Isaac family) and wish I could get together with family more often. I hate living so far away and working so much. Luckily, I got some good pictures. It was especially funny to watch Tanner eat the icing off his cake. He never really dug into the cake part, but he seemed to love the frosting and got upset when it was taken away.

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Jennifer said...

Yeah, a new post! It was fun to see you and catch up briefly between being entertained by kids.