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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Five things you might not know about me

In a tribute to Jeremy's lists of five, I present five things you might not know about me:

1) I like whiteboards. I find them useful to map out stories, draw diagrams, keep lists on, and tape stuff on. I especially like whiteboards that you can use magnets on. I have a rather large one at work. If I had the money and permission from Sarah, I would put a 6x10 foot whiteboard on my bedroom wall.

2) I really dislike the mornings. Since I can remember, I have been a night person. I seem to do some of my best work at night. My perfect work schedule would be 12-9pm. It isn't that I don't like the sun, I just like sleeping in more.

3) I occasionally get the feeling that I wasn't supposed to live this long. It isn't that I want to end my life or that I dislike my life in any way, it's just that I feel like I was supposed to die before the age of 25. It's almost like I was supposed to get hit by a car but that it happened to someone else instead. Not to worry, I love my life despite my crazy work schedule, and don't care to leave this world anytime soon. Who else would spoil my nieces and nephews? (Try not to be too shocked.)

4) I frequently remember my dreams. I used to not think this was anything remarkable. Recently, while talking to others, I have realized that many people only remember one dream every week or two. I remember several each week. I am not sure why this is.

5) I would willingly walk in front of a bus for any of my nieces and nephews. While many of my family members know this, not many other people do. I would live or die for any of them.

1 comment:

Diane said...

I like whiteboards, too. I especially like the feeling of being able to wipe away something I have accomplished.

And I would die for any of my kids or grandkids....I think any parent feels the same.