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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Last weekend (John's birthday dinner & other fun)

I think it's kind of sad that I am just writing about last weekend since I had so much fun. On Friday, my mom called and said that she could use some help with some work. So, on Saturday afternoon, I drove to K-town. I helped my mom with some work, then had a lot of fun with Isaac, who was spending the night. We colored and played. I sang to Isaac and read some books in order to put him to bed. I had forgotten how fun it can be to put a child to bed. After Isaac went to bed, I continued to help my mom and then completed my taxes. On Sunday, Mom, Dad, Isaac, and I went to church. Afterwards we got ready for John's birthday dinner. Isaac was a big help to his Poppy when he was wiping off chairs. Dinner was a lot of fun and it was wonderful seeing all my kids (and their parents.) Lauren, Isaac, and Sidney loved running around. The only sad part was the Britnie and Wyatt couldn't make the festivities because Wyatt had a fever. At least we were able to send ribs, beans, salad (both green and potato,) rolls and cake home with Jeremy so that Britnie could partake of some of the fun. I am constantly amazed at what an amazing cook my mother is. I have posted a few pictures of everyone and I can't wait to see everyone again next week when we get together for Aaron's blessing.


scrap chair potato said...

It is so fun to see all of our families getting bigger. It must be fun to be able to get together so often. I hope Wyatt is feeling better.

Nana J said...

Great pictures. We loved having you here, and thanks for the help!