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Sunday, April 06, 2008

I still read...really.

Even though I haven't written a book review since December, I still make time to read. Over the past couple of months, I have read the following books:
  1. Paperquake by Reiss
  2. A gracious plenty by Reynolds
  3. Fairest of them all by Medeiros (I don't recommend it)
  4. Lithium: what you should know by Eshom (informative yet slightly boring)
  5. It happened in Utah by Wharton
  6. Summers at Castle Auburn by Shinn (I like this fantasy author)
  7. The Innocent's story by Singer
  8. Austenland by Hale (Not as cute as I would have liked but, as a huge fan of Jane Austen, I still liked it)
  9. Dream Chaser by Kenyon (interesting premise but had some smut-don't bother unless you can read sex scenes and not be bothered. I didn't make it all the way through.)
  10. The night dance by Wayn
  11. Fire study by Snyder (the third in a pretty good fantasy series)
  12. A field guide to high school by Walsh (part of it is written in a diary format)
  13. Over the moon at the Big Lizard Diner by Wingate (a cute, clean romance)
  14. I'd tell you I love you, but then I'd have to kill you by Carter (fun teen spy novel)
  15. Deep and dark and dangerous by Hahn (ok but no Wait Til Helen Comes)
  16. Beauty by Wilson (I likes this story of a painter and a recluse disfigured by disease)
  17. Feathers by Woodson
  18. General Winston's daughter by Shinn
  19. The Titan's Curse by Riordan (An interesting series that involves Greek Gods and heroes)
  20. When Cricket's Cry by Martin (I would recommend it to almost any adult)
  21. The Fire Rose by Lackey
  22. The Quantum Rose by Asaro (would have been better without the romance)
  23. Cross my heart and hope to spy by Carter (second in a series)
  24. The Uses of Adversity by Broderick (very good spiritual book for any adult)
  25. The arrival by Tan (excellent graphic novel with few words)
  26. The Thirteenth tale by Setterfield (I would like to thank my sister Jen for recommending it.)

Since the list is fairly long, I will not give my usual 2-5 sentence review. If there is something particular that I wanted any reader of my blog to know, I have included it. I hope you all are still reading and can make time to escape into a good book.

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mommyofthree said...

Wow! I'm totally impressed at this list. That is a lot in 3 months.