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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Emergency plans and April birthdays

Some of you know that I have been taking an HR class every Tuesday night for the past few months. Two weeks ago we discussed safety. It made me realize that my company, along with many other companies, did not have an emergency action plan when it came to earthquakes, employee abduction, fire, etc. The facilities manager and I undertook the daunting task. I have been writing emergency action plans for all of the above mentioned catastrophes as well as some others. While businesses that manufacture things or deal with heavy equipment have many OSHA guidelines, there aren't many guidelines for white-collar working environments. I searched the Internet and books for references and suggestions, and eventually came up with first drafts of several emergency plans. Because of this project, along with several others, I worked 54 hours last week.
By the weekend I was really tired but I was energized by the idea that I would be able to see my family on Sunday. My parents, Grandma Johnsen, and all my siblings and their families gathered together to celebrate the birthdays of Brooke, Alison, and Wyatt. It was a lot of fun. As usual, the food was amazing. It was so funny to see all the kids together. Tanner is so close to taking his first unaided step. Lauren is starting to really assert herself; especially in regards to the wooden duck and sharing. Isaac is making an excellent older brother to Aaron (who had a cold.) Wyatt is starting to talk in phrases, which will soon become full-blown sentences. Sidney rules supreme when it comes to herding the little ones about and being helpful in many situations. All in all, it was a wonderful time (despite some grumpy moments by a niece and nephew who shall remain nameless.) I stayed a little later than I should.
I was driving home after 10:30pm and was anxious to get home when I was pulled over by Highway Patrol Officer Taylor as I was passing the city of American Fork. I was going over 75 in a 65 zone. I received a speeding ticket (my first) and have to wait more than 5 but no more than 14 days to visit the courthouse in Provo. I am planning on attending traffic school so that it won't damage the insurance rate (especially after the concussion in the car fiasco.) All in all, it was an eventful week. This week so far has been a busy one but I am going to try to best to work under 48 hours.

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Diane said...

Did you check the CERT website? It is about the community emergentcy respose teams that are in the areas. You should ask if any of your employees are CERT certified and they could help with the planning. Orem offers free CERT training classes at various times throughout the year to Orem residents.