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Friday, April 03, 2009

Pizza with Lauren

I got the chance to babysit Lauren last night in Salt Lake. As soon as I got there Lauren and I went outside to explore while we waited for Nana and Poppy to arrive. We discovered daffodils, tulips, and a small pile that a dog left on the front lawn. Luckily, Lauren thought to get her daddy so he could to find a shovel and dispatch the pile. (Man, she sure is smart for a three year old.) Lauren helped pick the restaurant after our first choice fell through. She said that she preferred pizza over a hamburger. We ended up at Litzas Pizza, where Lauren ate almost two whole pieces of pizza. We returned home, at a few girl scout cookies, and Lauren's parents took off. She cried for a minute and then the fun began. We danced, played hide and go seek, read books, and sang. I then got down my camera to take a picture of her. Here it is:I made the mistake of telling her to smile and she totally cheesed it up. Then she got a hold of the camera and took these (including a self portrait after she saw me do it:)
After Lauren sat on the potty for a few minutes (sadly nothing came out) we read lots of books. She started yawning at 9:15 so we sang a few songs and she went down. It was a great night, although the ride home wasn't my favorite due to the insane rain. Luckily, I arrived safe and sound at home. I'm excited to see the rest of my nieces and nephews this weekend. I am such a lucky aunt.


Scrappy said...

Looks like fun times!!
You are such an awesome aunt. You have lucky nieces and nephews (not to mention how lucky their parents are to have someone that really WANTS to watch the kids!)

Jennifer said...

She had a great time. She woke up the next morning and said "I had fun with Jessica last night." Her only complaint? You didn't know the Lauren song. We'll have to teach you and then you'll be perfect.