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Friday, July 17, 2009

How long has it been? - the book version

I was looking for a book recommendation for a friend today and realized how long it's been since I've talked about what I've been reading. Here's a quick list of some of the things I've read in the past eight months:

  1. A Wolf at the Door - Datlow and Windling (Retold fairy tales)
  2. Fairest - Levine (Young Adult fairy tale by the author of Ella Enchanted)
  3. An Ice Cold Grave - Harris (Newest in the Harper Connelly mystery series)
  4. Quicksilver - Spinner (A recreation of the myth of Atlanta)
  5. The Sirens - Evslin (Greek mythology)
  6. The Sphinx - Evslin (Green mythology)
  7. The Nemean Lion - Evslin (Green mythology)
  8. Cerberus - Evslin (Greek mythology)
  9. The Graveyard Book - Gaiman (Awesome Young Adult book about a boy growing up in a graveyard)
  10. Thriving on vague objectives - Adams (Book of Dilbert cartoons)
  11. Don't step in the leadership - Adams (Book of Dilbert cartoons)
  12. Thirteen reasons why - Asher (Horrible, harsh Young Adult book about suicide and guilt)
  13. Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life - Rosenthal (Interesting biography)
  14. A Northern Light - Donnelly (Thoughtful Young Adult book set in early 1900 Canada)
  15. Brooklyn Rose - Rinaldi (Young Adult book that had an incomplete ending)
  16. Assassination Vacation - Vowell (Awesome non-fiction journey to historical monuments and other places that are associated with Presidential assassinations)
  17. Me talk pretty one day - Sedaris (Good book of short essays)
  18. Dead and Gone - Harris (Latest in the Southern Vampire Mystery series)
  19. A Countess below stairs - Ibbotson (Slightly cheesy romance set in England after WWII)
This list isn't comprehensive but it is a start. My recommendations include Assassination Vacation, The Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, and The Graveyard Book.

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