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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The slip 'n slide

My parents can create the greatest slide 'n slide in the world with a huge piece of plastic (courtesy of my brother Jeremy) and some hoses. While most slide 'n slides are a few feet wide and 15-16 feet long, ours is 10-12 feet wide and 40-50 feet long. It is completely awesome. Here are a few pictures:(The pictures don't do the slide justice since they only shows half of it.) This is how we celebrated Sidney's birthday (along with presents, dinner, fireworks, and some really good brownies.) Wade, my cousin, his wife, and four kids joined us for the fun. It isn't often we get to see Wade and his kids so it was great to have them up from Arizona. We played on the slide (well, I took pictures, cheered, and held baby Ava while others slid.) Then everyone dried off and ate dinner and had dessert. Then the little kids decided to play in the puddles left on the plastic. It was pretty funny watching Wyatt, Isaac, Tanner, and Aaron giggling and splashing in puddles. I didn't get home until 12:30am on Sunday morning but it was totally worth it.


Josh said...

Thanks for holding Ava for me. With my leg being as it was (yay for past tense), having others hold her for me was always a huge blessing.


Scrappy said...

I want to jump on a plane and come and slide on that right now. That looks like a blast!!! I don't think my pregnant belly would enjoy it very much though.

You guys have the best family. It is good to see how much time you spend together. There is obviously a lot of love there.