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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

January 2011-March 2011 update

For those of you not in the know, it has been a while since I've posted on my blog. Here's a brief update of what happened in the beginning of 2011 (please excuse me if I forget anything important):

January 2011
  • I managed to catch the flu and get an ear infection in January. I was very unhappy and couldn't hear out of one ear for a week
  • January was my wards month to clean the church so my co-chair and I organized our ward to do two cleanings a week for the entire month. We were also in charge of snow removal.
  • Work was not as busy in January although we did have a big Board of Directors meeting.
  • Aaron had his birthday
February 2011
  • Tanner had his birthday
  • I started walking a dog for a friend of mine due to his crazy schedule (he's an accountant/auditor.) Although it was cold, I had a lot of fun and would continue to walk Bodie at least once a week until April.
  • A few friends and I went to Porter's for dinner one night. At the end of our meal the power went out. As the building was old and we were upstairs, there were no windows or other source of light for us to get downstairs by. The food was good and the almost tumble down some stairs was interesting. The outage was city wide and was caused by an insanely large thunder storm.
  • I went to the Springville and BYU museum with John, Jen, Lauren, Emily, Mom, and Dad. It was a lot of fun. In the bottom of the BYU museum was an interactive light exhibit that the girls had a lot of fun with. Check out the video I made of their reaction.
  • I gave a talk in church on The Holy Ghost and revelation. I think it went well
March 2011
  • One of my bosses went to China on a business trip.
  • Brooke announced that she was pregnant and due at the end of August. We are all very excited. This already loved child will be the 11th grandchild. As there are already five boys (Caleb, Wyatt, Isaac, Tanner, Aaron) and five girls (Sidney, Lauren, Ava, Emily, and Clara) it will be interesting to see what side this newest child will tip the scales toward.
  • There was a baby shower for my cousin Megan.
  • I attended a Jon Bon Jovi concert at the Energy Solutions Center with Angie L and Sarah. It was a lot of fun. Angie bought our tickets in 2010 and then we paid her back.

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