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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Curtis is home!

After work on Thursday, I went down to the airport to welcome home a friend from Iraq. Curtis left in September and I have been praying for his safe return for months. Along with Ryan R., John, Ryan P., Kyle, Katie, Drew, and Doug, I welcomed home our conquering hero. His plane was almost an hour late. Luckily, we ate candy and drank soda pop to stay awake. I made friends with other people waiting for the plane, one of which took our picture once Curtis got off the plane. We were surprised because he left the plane in civilian clothes after an 11 hour layover in Minneapolis, MN. Because of the long layover, he was able to go to the Mall of America and buy some civilian clothes including the grey sweatshirt, jeans, and red shirt he was wearing. Curtis had been awake for two days after flying from Iraq to Qatar, then to Germany, Ireland, and then across the Atlantic Ocean to our grand country (I think I left out a stop or two, but I can't remember which ones.) After getting his lovely green duffel bags, we headed out to the parking lot. While almost everyone else took Curtis out to celebrate, I headed home because my nose was running and I had been sneezing all day. I am so excited Curtis is home safe and sound.

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