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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


About two and a half years ago, my best friend and I started going to IHOP together on Tuesday nights. Faithfully, we would meet every week and discuss our lives and what was happening. Sometimes different people would join us but the core would always remain the same. Sometimes we would talk about how work was going or any other unimportant topic. Sometimes we would have deep discussions about life and where we wanted to end up. If either one of us was upset about something, we knew that we could go to IHOP on Tuesday and talk about it. Tonight was the last IHOP night. Because I'm moving to Orem, Ryan and I won't be meeting up every Tuesday from now on. It is a depressing thought. So tonight we ended how we started: just the two of us in a booth in Layton. When Ryan told the waitress it was our last night, I started to cry. The waitress was suprised since she has been working there for almost a year and remembers us each time. Her name is Jessica. Before she started serving us, one of our regular servers was Shawn. Our first regular server was Karen. Sometimes, she would sit down and talk to us. I have so many wonderful memories of sitting at IHOP at 9:30 at night and eating breakfast with friends. I have a feeling that when the next Tuesday comes around, I will shed a few tears in memory of a wonderful two and a half years eating with my best friend. Have I ever mentioned that I hate change?

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