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Sunday, May 11, 2008


I know that it has been too long since I last wrote so I'm going to try to catch you up. On Saturday, April 26th, I went downstairs to find a lot of plastic covering all the furniture in the front room and Sarah taping off the windows. She had decided to paint the top section of the front room. I ate breakfast and then met Happy coming down the stairs. She was moving home that day. I must admit that I don't enjoy change, so this day wasn't my best. However, Happy called John to help move the heavy stuff, Sarah's family took away the futon that had stayed on our back porch over the winter, and I made a run to the DI. Sarah and I then started painting and finished before the 10pm news came on. Sarah cut in the primer while I used the roller. Sarah had chosen a light tan color to replace the white. For the paint, I cut in while she used the roller. (Happy was nice enough to take a picture of us while she was moving stuff.) The next morning, when we saw the paint in the sun, we realized that we needed to put on another coat of paint. Since it was Sunday, and Sarah had thrown some of the painting plastic and tape away, we waited until Monday night. I was so late coming home from work that Sarah had the second coat over half way done by the time I got home. I think it turned out well.

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