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Friday, December 12, 2008

My first week

Well, it's been a week since I moved into my new place. So far, I like it. It has a few quirks (squeaky floors, an older furnace, and a light pink bathroom) but I like it. My roommates are very nice. While they don't know I have a blog, I will still only refer to them by their first initials. Roommate M has the room next to mine and is very nice. We both try to be very careful at night since our floors are so squeaky and are above other bedrooms. Roommate W is not home very much. She works quite a bit and is very social with her old roommates. She has a car, like me, and cuts hair for a living. Roommate E works two jobs and is usually in bed by 9pm every night. During the week she is up no later than 5am and out the door soon after that time. She has a cat, Francis, who stays in Roommate E's room for the most part. She doesn't have a car. If I were a nicer human being, I would drive her to work at 5:30am. Sadly, I need my sleep and am generally a mean person. I did drive her to the grocery store the other day though.
While we don't spend much time together, we all seem to get along. I would say our biggest problem is sharing the tv. Luckily, I brought my own (that Mom was able to get long ago from a hotel.) Sadly, it only currently gets 3 channels, but I am trying to fix it so that I get at least NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and PBS. Luckily, I have books to keep me company. Speaking of books, I am still not done unpacking mine. While I plan to paint my room sometime in January, I couldn't bear the thought of all my books staying in boxes until then. I have unpacked almost half of them.
Work is going well. My main boss, MJ, and I are getting to know and trust each other. Apparently he had some troubles with a previous assistant so he wanted to make sure that I was trustworthy and capable before giving me certain projects. I like the idea that I am helpful and make someone elses life easier. While I do miss some aspects of HR, I enjoy being an Executive Assistant. One of my latest project is working on my bosses business cards. He has over 500 that have been sitting around (one his desk, in various containers, etc.) I have been scanning them into a business card program that will allow me to export them into all sorts of other programs (Excel, Outlook, etc.) I will then be putting them into a Rolodex. Our company Christmas party is this Tuesday and I look forward to socializing with my new co-workers. Sadly, the co-worker that I am the closest to will not be there (she will be leaving for her parent's house back east.)
The new car is great. I am now driving a little more normally (I was a little paranoid for a little while.) I love the fact that I don't have to worry about my car starting when I turn the key and the fact that I can actually reach the speed limit before I merge with traffic.
Well, I should probably go since I am at the library. I still don't have the internet at my house and I feel strange using my work computer for a blog update. I hope everyone is doing well. If I'm on the ball this year, many of you will get Christmas cards. If I'm not, take my best wishes for a wonderful holiday from this post. Speaking of Christmas, I am very excited to see my family (especially all the kids) in a few weeks.

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Shem said...

Sounds like your life is completely turned around in only a matter of a few months! Wow! I am so happy for you.