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Friday, December 05, 2008

So close

I am so close to having the walls done in my new place. The second layer of wallpaper is down and now I have to wash the final little bits of glue and paper off the walls. I tried to finish it on Wednesday but my arms were killing me. Last night I packed up more of my room and went to bed at a decent hour. Tonight I am packing up the rest of my room. In about an hour I will probably go over and work on the walls some more. This means that my room won't be very pretty when I move into tomorrow, but such is life. Here are some more pictures from my "work in progress" room.

I hope to paint my room later this month or some time during the first of January.

1 comment:

me and my GSDs said...

The wallpaper was a bit much, wasn't it? I'm surprised your new landlords are so accomodating about your redecorating though! What color are you thinking of painting the room? So did you get all moved in today?

Love, Aunt Nancy