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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Plow it!

Well, the snow has come again to Orem. It has snowed several times in the last two weeks. This causes me to pick on the city of Orem. In K-town, the place I hail from, the snow plows actually ventured into residential areas everywhere. While they took a while because the main roads took precidence, they always eventually got to the residential areas. In Orem, that doesn't seem to happen. The main streets, such as Center and State Street, are plowed, the residential streets are generally not. Here are the pictures from my drive-way on Wednesday, two days after it has snowed:
The empty spots on the road are where cars were parked. While my car handles the snow well, I have seen more than one neighbor get stuck in the street. This is my plea to Orem to start plowing residential areas (or even start salting.) Thus ends my rant.


Scrappy said...

Yeah, that is annoying. If it ever looks like that here (although it is usually ice, not snow) the city hardly knows what to do with themeselves. It seldom happens so they just don't have the equipment.

Diane said...

Actually, see that smooth area between he car ruts...that is Orem's attempt at plowing. Unfortunately, they are so busy getting the other busy main roads done that by the time they get to resdiential streets, they are ice packed. A BIG PAIN and hard on cars.

Shem said...

I noticed the same phenomenon whilst dropping off and picking up the kids in north Orem. I thought I was just being picky, but obviously this is a real issue for Oremites.

Josh said...

Kaysville only decided to start plowing after a while. It took an evening news story about Kaysville's mayor deciding to skip plowing for the winter to change her mind.