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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Adieu Sarah

Well, Sarah has left the country. She left for France this morning and I already miss her. On Saturday night I went to a farewell party for her. (The picture is from a goodbye dinner I went to for her on Thursday.) We had crepes, a chocolate fountain, and cheese fondue while talking and making jokes. On Monday I picked her up to get for a quick gelato run only to find the gelato shop closed. We ended up at Los Hermanos where Sarah had chips and salsa and I had fried ice cream. We pretended that she really wasn't leaving for five months and that I would see her next week. (Neither of us wanted to cry and didn't know how to say goodbye.) As a tribute, I would like to list some of the memories I have of her from the last two years:
  • Moving into my blue room
  • Painting in the front room
  • Eating gelato in Provo
  • Crepe parties
  • A trip to Boise where we broke 90 mph
  • Shopping at Target
  • Ants in the kitchen
  • Having no air conditioning for week in the summer
  • Relationship dissections
  • Attending Hale Centre Theater
  • Building a desk
  • Taking photos
  • Buying earrings
  • Dinner with the Lechems and Jen
  • Late nights talking with Aaron
  • Searching for Camille
  • The introduction to the Center Ward
  • Watching DVD's on the comfortable couch
  • Reading Breaking Dawn
  • The giant dust bunny from the ceiling
  • Yelling about my job
  • A trip to the emergency room
  • Shoes, hats, and purses
  • The fouton

Sarah, I wish you all the best in France and can't wait to see you in the summer. Au Revoir!

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