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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A picture of my room

1. My bedroom walls used to have wallpaper. It was stripped off but I haven't painted yet. Any suggestions for wall colors?
2. Bookcase #1 was bought at IKEA. The #2 is by my Harry Potter series. I try to keep books that are in the same series together on the shelves.
3. The curtains are from the landlord. I am thinking of replacing them.
4. My awesome bedspread that came from Aunt Nancy (who, in turn, received it from Grandma R.) It is warm and very pretty. Sadly, I forgot to make my bed before I took this picture.
5. My big stuffed bunny was a Christmas present from my parents a long time ago. It has gone with me to every place that I have lived (including the one room cabin in Montana.)
6. Bookcase #2 of 4 was a high school graduation present from my parents. I love this bookcase because it fits so many books and because it came from my parents (who were smart enough to know that I wanted a bookcase instead of a bike.)
7. The Barnes and Noble classics series is black and are put together (despite not being by the same author.)
8. My collection of children's books is growing each year despite my lack of bearing children.
9. One of the four boxes I have yet to unpack (although I think I'm doing pretty well considering I have only lived there a month and a half.)
10. A picture I have yet to hang on my wall.
11. My tv remote is on my "dumping ground." I tend to dump papers and other small things on top of this bookcase.
12. Bookcase #3 is at the end of my bed while bookcase #4 is on the side of my bed (you can't see it in this picture.)

Thanks Emily for the idea of labeling pictures. It was an interesting mental exercise.


TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

I have a perfect suggestion for your wall. WE did Cinderella's room in it a year ago, and I love it. It's a pretty medium/light calming blue. It's called "Thar She Blows" and we got it at Lowes. I swear it's not as stupid as it's name. It's perfect, and I'd change my room to that color if I had the energy.

Scrappy said...

These have been so fun to look at. I don't know if I would dare do it because my room is the last one in the house to get cleaned (and considering the fact that I don't clean that often, well, you can imagine!)

This will be nice for you to look back on some day. I wish I had more pictures like this of the places I have lived, just to remember.

Nana J said...

I would say cream walls and white doors, trim and ceiling. Dump those nasty curtains, too (or at least store them until you leave). You can buy reasonable fake wooden blinds at Home Depot. Also, cut curtains at Ikea, Target or such.