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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pictures (a second try)

After my last post, which had a picture of my work space and my bedroom with comments, I was told by many people that they couldn't read the writing and when they made the pictures bigger, they still couldn't read the writing. In this attempt, I have numbered items and have provided the description below. Here goes:
1. HR books that I am not using much these days due to my Executive Assistant duties.
2. A book of meeting agendas
3. The awesome white elephant gift I received that is a tree made of cream Styrofoam balls and beads.
4. My packing tape for mailing things.
5. My water bottle. I drink at least one of these a day if not more.
6. My lotion. I have chronically dry hands while at work.
7. My many files that I keep action items in and things that my boss needs to address.
8. My food supplies (hot chocolate, crackers, and granola bars)
9. My chair/coat hanger
10. The cafe menu for the week
11. My purse (which is usually in my filing cabinet)
12. My orange juice. I am trying to keep my boss as healthy as possible by providing orange juice if he is running late to lunch.
13. The seashell. Along with being a reminder of my trip to San Francisco, it would make a handy weapon.
14. Hand sanitizer, which is very helpful in the winter when all my coworkers are sick.
15. My desk, which usually has papers on it but was cleaned before this picture was taken.
16. My filing cabinet, which is full of files that I maintain for my boss and myself.

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