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Monday, February 16, 2009

A restful day; but was it Plan A?

Today was a restful day. Since I had the day off, I slept in and played around on the computer when I woke up. I then decided to be active and clean my room. As a final part of cleaning my room, I vacuumed. It was then that I discovered that my vacuum wasn't working properly. After careful study, I realized that the brushes at the bottom weren't spinning due to a broken belt. I headed off the the vacuum repair store, stopping along the way to drop off some shirts and magazines at my old place of employment, Prosper. Susan and I had a nice chat and I even managed to say hi to some of the IT department and a couple of other people. It's strange; the front receptionist had no idea who I was since she started after I left. There used to be a time that most people had at least heard my name (that happens when you work in HR.) She looked at me with scepticism and caution when I said that I used to work there.
I returned home, fixed the vacuum (which I am slightly proud of,) and had dinner. After doing 3 loads of laundry, I thought I would contact an old friend who lives in Texas and try to catch up on some other stuff. One of the things I caught up on was listening to Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me, an NPR news quiz show. It was a "best of" episode with various comedians. Afterwards, I flipped over to another NPR show, This American Life, where I heard five short stories centered around the theme of "Plan B." Now some of you may be thinking: "short stories about a morning after pill? Why?" Well, the theme of "Plan B" had another meaning. Everyone has a Plan B; this is the plan you follow or path you take after your Plan A falls through. An example would be a young man who always wanted to be a professional football player but seriously injured his knee. He takes his Plan B of going to business school and becomes a lawyer. Everyone has a Plan B because Plan A is something that you usually come up with in junior high, high school, or your first year of college. Then life interrupts, something changes, or you give up. This is when Plan B comes into play. Or, for that matter, Plan C, Plan D, E, F, or G. The only point when the planning ends is when you die. I know that I'm not still on my Plan A or Plan B. Are you? Even better, do you still want to be?


me and my GSDs said...

I think I must be on plan X or Y by now.... aside from the wages it is working out ok. :-)

Hey Jess, do you have a webcam, and if so, do you ever use Skype?

I cleaned up my house some over the weekend too. Nice to feel productive sometimes. Now if I could do the same every day for an hour or two between jobs, it might start to actually make a dent in all that needs to be done.

Love, Nancy

Shem said...

I think I am on like Plan Q version2.5!

Megan said...

You know, I am actually on my plan A from the point of graduating high school. If you go back to Kindergarten when I was obsessed with Top Gun and wanted to be a pilot, then I guess I am on Plan B. But I went into college with Elementary Education and graduated with a degree in that with only a few glances to the sides (law and accounting).