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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Super powers

I recently listened to an episode of This American Life from 2006 about super powers. The first story in the program was a man describing what question he usually asks at parties: invisibility or flight? At parties, he likes to ask random people which super power they would like between the two. People generally quickly pick one, then waffle back and forth afterward. They inevitably ask "can I also have super strength or another power as well?" "No" the author answers "only flight or invisibility." People generally ask other questions such as "will things I pick up be invisible too?" or "how fast would I be able to fly?" Myself, I can't decide. While flight would be helpful, since I hate to drive, I wouldn't like it without the ability of super strength (to carry luggage or other stuff.) Invisibility would be nice but if people could always hear my steps or if what I picked up floated, it wouldn't be very helpful. Also, I wouldn't be a very super invisible spy unless I was also invincible. Hmmm, such a dilemma. What do you think?


Nana J said...

Fly for sure. I could get to and from work quickly, and to see friends and family in a flash. fast could I fly? :-)

Megan said...

My gut instinct says flight. I think that I would overhear or oversee too many unwanted things if I was invisible.

Shem said...

flight. no reason.