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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Curtis and Qatar

My friend Curtis is in the Air Force and is stationed at Hill Air Force Base. In about a week, his unit is being sent to Qatar. This small, app. 5,000 square mile, country is a peninsula that juts off the edge of Saudia Arabia into the Persian Gulf. (For more info, go to Wikipedia.) While it is safer than say Iraq, Iran, etc., it still worries me to see him go. He keeps telling us to not worry about him because worrying does no good. If anyone out there has been to Qatar, I would appreciate knowing how long it takes a package to get there. I can't manage to get a straight answer.

Last night John, lawyer Ryan, Curtis, and I went to the Athenian to eat. (For those unaware, it is a Greek restaurant in Ogden and the lettuce/grape leaf wraps are excellent.) Afterwards, best friend Ryan joined us at Johns for a game of Trivia Pursuit Pop Culture. It was a close game but Curtis won in the end. To celebrate his victory, his usual "rock-on" face was exhibited (see picture.) It was a low-key Friday night but I had fun nonetheless. I will really miss Curtis while he is away. I can always talk to him about religion, books, politics, or any other serious, semi-smart topics. At least I will get to see him once more next weekend. (I believe a going-away party is in order!) Be safe Curtis and I will miss you.

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Jeremy said...

Shipping to that area is 3 days UPS, 10 days Post Office. This is going by something I had to ship a year ago, so times may have changed slightly.