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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yeh! The Bees win!

On Friday night I went to a Salt Lake Bee's game. I met John and Curtis at Big Kyle's house and the four of us rode down together. Katie had bought our tickets before we had arrived because the stadium had really started to fill up. After a disappointing first four inning, the Bees finally scored a run in the fifth. The Bee's then scored five runs in the sixth inning. It was awesome! It was fun to see everyone enjoying themselves. In all, the group included John, Big Kyle, Curtis, lawyer Ryan, Katie, Bree, Kyle "Ferny," best friend Ryan, and me. By the end of the game we all got pretty tired. I think it was because no one scored a run in the seventh, eighth, or ninth innings. The Bees ended up beating Fresno 6-3. Yeh!

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