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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Library opening and "Captain Cookie"

Saturday was the opening celebration of the Kaysville library. After months of work, the re-opening finally happened. Even though I don't work there anymore, the powers that be asked me to work and help out. Bright and early, at 6am, I was at the library. First, blowing up helium balloons, then doing a little cleaning. I think some of us librarians killed a few brain cells blowing up hundreds of balloons (I even included a picture of one). At 8:30 the opening ceremony was presided over by Pete and the mayor of Kaysville, Neka Roundy. Commissioner Page made a speech about libraries and the importance of them. The general theme was welcoming the Kaysville people into the fold of the Davis County System. Sadly, not many patrons were there. I think it was because it was so early. Kim gave in and got a Davis County card. Nikki helped her (it was like old times). It is always nice to see people I used to work with. I helped greet old Kaysville patrons until I was summoned to the snack table outside. Sitting there, serving cookies, I became bored and started to think about how tired I was after only getting a few hours of sleep. Luckily, Erika and another county employee came over and visited with me until I left at 1:30pm. Since mom and dad had gone up to see Grandma R in Idaho, I decided to take a nap when I got home.
Two hours later, I awoke and called Ryan. We met in Salt Lake and ate at a new restaurant, Fostinos. After going to Barnes and Noble, one of my favorite places on earth, we went to Mikeys. We all hung around and talked. A group broke off to watch "V for Vendetta" in the family room. Big Kyle, Kyle F, Ryan, and I made cookies. It was a lot of fun watching these manly men carefully stir and measure. They, the cookies, turned out pretty well. I think that Big Kyle should be known as "Captain Cookie" from now on. I even managed a salute and a hug at the end of the night.
Church was nice today. After a lesson on family in Relief Society, Char gave a good lesson on keeping the Sabbath day holy in Sunday School. I have the say that the highlight of church was sacrament meeting. Jen gave a great talk on bearing each others burdens. She related a story about when her mother helped an older couple in an airport. By the end of the story, I found myself getting a little misty. I would just hope that someone would help my grandparents if they ever needed help.


Kim Kincaid said...

Can I borrow Capt'n Cookie? Hey, who is the dorky lady in the yellow shirt up there in the first photo??? It sure was good to see you.

Jeremy said...

The re-opened library seems smaller, and there aren't enough computers to look up books. I was hoping to use it as my new lunch-hour library, but might have to stick to LAyton. Hopefully it's just problems from being new, and they'll fix things.