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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The weekend

Friday started out with another exciting round of classes. In Literary Criticism, we discussed poetry terms. In Victorian Lit we continued with our discussion of "Jane Eyre." According to my teacher, "Jane is Harry Potter." Some of the members of the class decided that this saying is going to be our catch-phrase for the semester. What the teacher meant is that the similarities in being an orphan, who is treated horribly by relations, and then goes to school is very strong. The Victorian novel is a prime example of "uppity teens," which are still written about today (think David Copperfield, Elizabeth Bennet, etc.)
In my History is Christianity class, we had a class discussion about Plato's influence on the writings of the early Christians. While they didn't live in the same time period, the idea of logic was still important when the early Christians (think 150 AD) were trying to figure out doctorine.
Ryan and I started Friday night by visiting his new nephew at the hospital. Steven and Stefanie are the parents of a darling boy named Keaton Laser Reid. Born on Thursday, he weighed 7 lb, 11 oz. I took a picture of he and his uncle. Afterwards, we went to a birthday party for Big Kyle. We started the celebration for my cute Air Force friend by eating at Iggy's in Layton. Eating together are (from the left side) Ryan, Bree, Corey and his wife, Kyle, lawyer Ryan, John, Katie, Tanya, Caleb, and I. Afterwards, we went to his apartment for cake and presents. Then we went out for some more fun. A couple of friends from Salt Lake didn't make it up and were missed. When I got home, the power was out. It was a planned outage because the city was working on the power grid west of I-15.
On Saturday, we all got ready for a visit from Aunt Linda and Uncle David. They had flown in late on Thursday night. I love these relatives but I don't get to see them that often. A big family dinner followed with some interuptions from some cute babies. We were not only celebrating a visit from Aunt Linda and Uncle David, but Jeremy's birthday. For his birthday, I decided to give him the gift of time. I decided to babysit Sid and Wy on a Saturday to let their parents take an evening for themselves. A gift for my brother, although I think that it was a little selfish of me. I love spending time with my nieces and nephews.


Kim Kincaid said...

Jess, Did you know that Stephanie's brother, Kirk, is married to my daughter, Audrey? Keaton is my grandchildren's newest cousin.

JAJ said...

And we think it's great that you are such a doting Aunt.

Jeremy said...

Gift of time? Best. Gift. Ever.