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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Babysitting Lauren

On Tuesday night I babysat Lauren while Jen, John, Mom, and Dad went to see Chicago. She is just about the cutest girl ever. Mom, Dad, and I went into SL and met at their house. Off to Bombay House we went where Lauren decided she wanted to be outside. She fussed when she was inside so she and I spent some time outside on the steps talking about the history of Christianity and the weather. When John and I switched places, I came to find that I like Indian food. I guess I went in with preconceived notions which were incorrect. After dinner, everyone else went to the play and I gave Lauren her medication and dinner. We read some books and played with her blocks for a little while. While on the floor, she kept rolling to her side so I suspect it won't be more than a month before she learns to roll over. We also sang and talked for a little while before I dressed her in her Winnie the Pooh pajamas. She only fussed for two minutes after I layed her down. What a beautiful, delightful baby.


Jeremy said...

mmmhhh, Indian food. Why can't there be good Indian restaurants in Davis County! *shakes fist at heaven*

And cutest girl ever huh? Unfortunately I can't agree with my son and daughter already being the cutest boy and girl on the planet, though my niece and nephews come pretty close.

JAJ said...

Well, I did read about the cutest thing ever . . . you must think Sid is cutest, but don't want to hurt Lauren's feelings. As for Wy . . . we'll leave Jeremy with the false belief that his son is cutest . . . the rest of us know the truth!