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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

That's right; I'm annoyed...and worried

Well, tonight I am annoyed because I was lied to. The night started out well. I went to Family Home Evening, where two guys flirted with me. Then I went to IHOP with some friends. This is where, while talking to a friend, I found out that another friend of mine lied to me. As some of you might remember, my friend Curtis (see blog of August 28th, 2006) was deployed at the first of September. I was told that he was going to Quatar, a relatively safe place to go if you must be deployed to the Middle East. He actually told me this himself in a conversation we had a friend's front porch in August. Our mutual friend John mentioned that he was worried about Curtis since there have been deaths at his air base in the past few days. I was surprised because I hadn't heard Quatar mentioned in the news. Apparently Curtis is at the Air Force base outside of Balad, Iraq. It is app. 60 miles north of Baghdad. Camp Anaconda (its official name) is 15 square miles and is the largest support base in Iraq. It is home to 25,000 soldiers and has its own theater, swimming pool, Baskin Robbins, and Pizza Hut. Its nickname is Mortaritaville because of the frequency of it being attacked by motar shells and/or rockets. In 2004, there were usually two attacks every day.
I realize that one of the reasons that I wasn't told is because I tend to be a worrier. However, I am annoyed that I was led to believe that Curtis was in a "safe" area and not in Iraq. I guess I should be grateful that he rarely leaves the base because he is in the Air Force. He doesn't have to go into the major cities like the Marines and Army soldiers do. Still, I am now worried about very worried about him. I think I will step up my prayers for him.


Josh said...

Well, I downplay much more serious circumstances at work when I relate them to Brooke (like forklift accidents, and injuries) because I know she'll worry needlessly. But I do it because I love her.

Jeremy said...

Britnie does the same thing for me The few times my kids have been in the hospital I've broke down sobbing, barely able to function. So when Sid went to the hospital for the allergy, Britnie told me to stay home and she'd call me if it got worse. She knew that even if it was a minor thing, that as soon as I saw my daguhter in a hospital bed I'd be a mess and probably scare Sid to death.

I do the same thing at work. When I almost chopped my finger off I really played it down for her so she wouldn't worry. Your friend was probably trying to protect you.

I'd say support him as much as you ccan, and vote for someone that is in favor of getting out of Iraq.