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Friday, October 27, 2006

School and Work

Since I am suffering from yet another round of insomnia, I thought I would update my blog on my school and work situations. School is going as well as can be expected. There are not enough hours in the day to complete all the reading that is required. Even if there was enough time, it is still hard to read for hours at a time. In my Literary Crit class we are discussing Post-Colonialism. This riveting form of criticism can hardly compare to the amazing Marxist criticism that we studied last week. When discussing "Heart of Darkness" and its ethnic complications, my entire class could hardly remain seated. Oh wait, that wasn't what happened. Oh well. In my Victorian Lit class, we are discussing the Rossetti siblings. Christina Rossetti wrote some very interesting poetry including "The Goblin Market." In our last class period, we discussed fallen women and prostitutes. Dr. Rogers is a very knowledgable and interesting person. My third class is my most complicated and interesting. Dr. Francis teaches the History of Christianity. On Wednesday we discussed heretical movements that were squashed by the Catholic Church in the 1300's. This was the very beginning of the Inquisition. Poor heretics; being burned to death isn't any fun. After class on Wednesday, I stuck around campus to hear a lecture by Dr. Francis on MacBeth. He discussed the historical character of MacBeth and the differences between the historical figure and Shakespeare's interpretation of him. It was very interesting.
Work is going well. I feel that I am fitting in with my co-workers (with the exception of one grumpy one) and I love working in a library. Tonight, Thursday, I got to dress up for Halloween. The library had a special Halloween story hour at 7pm. We got to dress up. I was a dark fairy and had Dad take a picture of me for all you blog readers to see. I made the wings myself, and am, sadly, a little too proud of them. Mom and Dad brought Sid for the stories. She is dressing up as a princess this year and wore a long, blond wig. She wasn't that impressed with the stories but loved the pumpkin walk that city hall sponsored. Thus concludes my update on school and work.

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Brooke said...

I finally remembered what I had Dr. Francis for as we were driving home last night! It's not that exciting, but I needed to tell you anyway. I had him my first semester in college for History 1700...ya know, the basic required history class. But, I did go to one of his lectures, which was on Charles Dickens, and it was quite interesting.