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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

First day in Orem

This was my first day in Orem. It was strange to wake up in a new bedroom. I slept well though. Nine hours of sleep for me is a little strange but I managed it. It must have been walking up all those stairs with boxes. My room is about 2/3 of the way unpacked. Today I helped clean the apartment, make dinner, and met some of the girls from the ward when they came over for a Relief Society lesson and pie. All in all, a good day. Tomorrow I plan to start looking for a job. Later this week I will give a longer update with pictures. I miss Kaysville but I know this is where I should be right now. Camille and Sarah are great roommates so far.


jjohnsen said...

Congratulations! This is a huge step forward in my opinion.

Josh said...

I'm glad your first day was a success. We miss you already!


JAJ said...

It's kind of crazy to think of you in Orem, but I'm so excited for you in this new adventure. Best of luck on the job hunt.


Kim Kincaid said...

Hey Jessica, Good to hear you are settling in. I might be down to the "Life,the Universe and".....darn, forgot the last bit. Anywho, it's a Fantasy/Sci-fi Conference at BYU this weekend. They've banned costumes! Can you believe it? Have you pre-ordered your HP7 yet? We need to have a HP party for the movie too...another midnight show, ok? Best to you with job hunting. Stay in touch.