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Sunday, September 16, 2007

In Boise for Camille's funeral

After finding out that Camille had passed away, we wanted to know when the funeral would be. There was never really any question of us going to Idaho for the funeral. We both wanted closure and a chance to support her family through this horrible time. After being told it was in Boise on Saturday morning, I got online and booked a hotel for Sarah and I. We left Friday afternoon, a little after 1pm. I had printed the directions to the hotel from Mapquest, along with directions to the funeral. Sarah and I stopped by Smith's on our way out for treats. We agreed that we needed chocolate, fruit-flavored candy, and something salty. After a few hours of driving, and me reading the TV Guide magazine out loud to Sarah, we decided to stop in Twin Falls for dinner. Sadly, we made the wrong decision. At the Johnny Carinos in Twin Falls we had bad food and bad service. I don't recommend it. So after a total of 380 miles, we finally reached Boise and our hotel. Our hotel was close to shopping and restaurants. We ended up eating a late dinner at TGI Fridays that was less than a block away. I bought a new purse at Target and Sarah bought a new shirt. Without being too boastful, I have to say that I chose well for our hotel room. It was very nice and we slept pretty well. I recommend the Amerisuites Boise Town Square Mall on Milwaukee Street. The only bad part of it was the free continental breakfast. It wasn't very good at all. We left our hotel at about 10:20 in order to arrive at the viewing at 10:30am. Since Mapquest said that the funeral was less than 4 miles from our hotel, we thought it would be a breeze. Sadly, it was not. Unlike Utah roads, the roads in Boise do not generally have numbers. They all have names such as Maple Grove, Victory, Emerald, etc. When you miss a road in Boise, you don't know how far you have gone past since they aren't numbered. After a long detour, we arrived at the church house at 10:50am. It was a nice funeral; if a funeral can be nice. The bishop did a wonderful time talking about eternal families. Camille's brother, Rich, and another relative, performed a wonderful viola and piano duet. Her sister discussed Camille's life and what she was like growing up. Afterwards, Sarah and I decided that we should go and eat before driving the 280 miles to Idaho Falls, where Camille would be buried. We saw Dave, Camille's boyfriend, and exchanged hugs. Sarah and I ate at a Mexican Restaurant, where I didn't like my meal. That's right; 0 for 3 in the meal department in Boise. Sarah and I hit the road by 1:30pm for Idaho Falls.

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