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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fun Saturday after a long week

After working over 50 hours this past week, I wanted to have fun on Saturday. Luckily, I succeeded. On Saturday morning, I drove up to Salt Lake to see Ryan. We had lunch at Litza's Pizza. We then went to see Thriller, an amazing dance performance by the Odyssey Dance Company. It was at Kingsbury Hall and it was as good as last year. My favorite dances were "Curse of the Mummy," "Jason Jam," "Salem's Mass," and "River of Blood Dance." I would recommend the performance to anyone over the age of 12. Since it had been so long since we've seen each other, Ryan and I caught up. Afterwards, I drove to my parent's house for a Halloween party. I was horribly late and everyone had almost finished eating. Mom made a great meal of hamburgers, French fries, and rootbeer floats. For dessert, Sidney and Mom had made "dirt" cups. With chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo Cookies, and gummie worms, who could ask for more? Next came the games: eating donuts off strings, pin the nose on the pumpkin, and the candy toss. As I have said before, I love being with my family. I am sad that I was late and missed taking pictures of all the kids in their costumes. Hopefully my father and siblings will post their pictures of the event.

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jjohnsen said...

I put up pictures of all the kids (plus mom and dad) at my blog and on Flickr. Josh and John took a bunch as well.