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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A week without Jeff

One week ago was by former boss' last day of work. No one could blame Jeff for leaving after he told us of the new salary, benefits, and opportunities at his new job. We had eight days after we found out about it to prepare. So last Wednesday, we had a goodbye party with some excellent food and we gave him a gift certificate to Harley Davidson. He has driven a Harley for years and we wanted him to get something he really wanted. Erin, a member of HR, also made him a book with all of our pictures in it. This week has been pretty crazy. Susan has stepped up into Jeff's role. The day before Jeff left, we found out that Joee was leaving. Since then, the rest of the HR team has had to pull together and fill in. As of tonight, Wednesday, I have worked 31 hours this week. It is a lot of work but I feel like I am getting a lot accomplished. I thought I would include some pictures from the goodbye party for Jeff.

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