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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Going to Idaho

Last weekend, May 2-4, I went to Idaho with my parents, my sister, and her daughter. My mom called me early in the week and asked if I wanted to join them in visiting her parents and I decided that I did. Mom said that Grandpa wasn't doing very well and that he probably wouldn't last much longer. Since I hadn't seen him since the fall, I felt I should go. I decided to work until 10:30am on Friday, then leave and go to my sister's house. I worked really hard all week so that I would be able to go. On Friday, after doing some last minute work and having birthday cake for my boss, I left the remaining work in the capable hands of my co-workers and took off. On my way there, I stopped by the bank and the distribution center to buy a hymn book. I drove to Jen's house and she, Lauren, and I went to Mom and Dad's house. Mom cooked us hamburgers and we left for Idaho. I sat in the front because of my motion-sickness and I wanted Dad's opinion on my emergency plans. Mom worked while Jen kept Lauren busy. When we got there, Mom made dinner and we all said hi to Grandpa. Grandpa has been bed-ridden for a while and slept most the time we were there. He did wake up for a while on Friday and we got a chance to talk to him.
Lauren kept us entertained most of the weekend. She was running around around, wrestling with Poppy, reading with Mommy, helping outside, and going on walks to see the doggies down the street. Lauren also had lots of fun playing with my silver bracelets, which I wore just for her. For some reasons, my neices and nephews seem like like these bangle bracelets. On Saturday, Mom and Jen took Grandma shopping for Mother's Day and Dad did household repairs. Jen and I also managed to get some weeding done in the flowerbeds while Dad mowed and edged the grass. I watched Lauren and Dad and I checked in on Grandpa. The clothes Grandma got were very cute. Mom made another great meal on Saturday and I made banana bread. Mom, Jen, and Grandma cooked the meal on Sunday afternoon. I really enjoyed both the salmon and chicken that Mom cooked. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful my mom and sister are at cooking. On Sunday, Aunt Diane joined us. As lunchtime passed, it was time to go but Mom didn't want to leave. After some thought, she decided to stay.

On Sunday afternoon, I went in and said goodbye to Grandpa. I told him that it was ok for him to go and that we would take care of Grandma. I also told him that Caleb would be excited to see him and that he could teach Caleb all about trains and how to fix things. After a kiss on the forehead and a few tears, I left so Jen could say goodbye. A few minutes later, Dad, Jen, Lauren, and I left. Fifteen minutes later, Mom called and said that Grandpa had passed away. Jen and I called our siblings to tell them the news. While Grandpa's passing is very sad, it is a good thing. He was tired and ready to go. I think that once everyone, including Grandma, had accepted that he was dying, he decided it was time to go. I think it's nice that he was able to die at home with his wife and two of his daughters with him. Mom decided to stay the entire week and help Grandma with the preparations. I love Grandpa and will miss him. I will always remember him calling me "babe" and letting me have lemon drops or See's Candies. When I was young, I remember him always working on something or going to the Bishop's Storehouse to volunteer. Later on, I could always find him reading the newspaper or watching a sporting event. I will be eternally gratefull for the support and love that he always gave me mother. I love you Grandpa and will miss you.

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Nana J said...

A beautiful tribute to Dad - thank you.