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Monday, March 02, 2009

What a day

Today did not start out well. I didn't sleep well. One of my roommates played rock music until almost midnight because she was mad and apparently wanted to punish us. While I knew what she was angry about, I didn't feel like going down to tell her to turn it down. Even after she turned the music off, I still couldn't get to sleep. I got to work a little late this morning and immediately started to work. In my first meeting of the day I was given several assignments. In my second meeting of the day, I was given a truckload of assignments that used to be someone elses. Normally I wouldn't have minded receiving new assignments; it is usually because someone is sick or overburdened with work. This time it was more because they wanted the assignments to get done. They took them from one person who wasn't pulled their weight and gave them to me in order to get them done. I now have more on my plate than I can complete in 42 hours.
When this type of thing would happen at my last job, I would just work extra hours. By the end of working there, I was racking up weeks of 50+ hours almost every week. It contributed to my collapse and subsequent trip to the hospital (see the October 1, 2008 blog entry for more details.) Speaking of that trip, I received a bill on Saturday for that hospital trip. It seems that I owe almost $800 dollars for an ambulance ride. This for an ambulance that someone called on my behalf and that I didn't even realize I was in until I was on my way to the hospital. I'm a little annoyed that I have to pay this bill because it isn't figured into my budget and now throws other plans off.
Back to the story of today, I was slightly annoyed at the situation and have yet to figure out what to do about it. While I love my main boss, MJ, and want to help him by taking over these assignments, one of the reasons I took this job is that I was assured that I wouldn't be working a lot of overtime. I guess the thing to do is to prioritize things and start at the top. What doesn't get done at the end of week will have to wait until next week. It doesn't help that I have a massive meeting tomorrow that will suck almost 3 hours of my time away from my normal duties. After having more than one verbal run in with my least favorite person at work, I was pretty grumpy by the end of the day. I didn't get home until 6pm due to leaving late and dealing with traffic. I then took a shower instead of attending Family Home Evening and have been listening to a book on tape until just a few minutes ago.
It doesn't help my mood that this book on tape had some horrifying parts. I'm actually not sure why I finished it because the middle was so emotionally draining. The book I'm refering to is Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. The basic premise of the book is this: A junior in high school comes home one day to find a package waiting for him. The package contains cassette tapes made by a girl who had committed suicide a few weeks earlier. On the tapes, she explains to the listening what, and who, contributed to her suicide. To hear the slide from happy freshman girl to desperate junior girl was so sad. The book was well written and the presentation was interesting, with the alternating voices of the girl on the tape and the thoughts and actions of the boy listening. Over the space of 24 hours, he wanders around town listening to the girl. While the book slightly redeems itself in the end, overall it is depressing and makes me feel like a dark knife has sliced through me. I can't decide if I would ever recommend it to anyone or not.
Anyway, it is now past 10pm and the house is quiet. I think I will go to sleep and hope for a better tomorrow.

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Shem said...

I have to say I think that book sounds awful. Sorry you had such a bad day. I hope the rest of the week was better. See you on Wed!