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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Found pictures

I was looking on a USB Memory stick and found these pictures of my paternal grandparents.
They just don't take portraits like these anymore. Aren't my grandparents attractive? Now I just need pictures of my maternal grandparents and I'll be set.


Josh said...

What good lookin' people.

Liza P. said...

awww these look amazing! they definitely don't take gorgeous pictures like this anymore. did you add the colour hues or were they like that?

Jeremy said...

Wow, where did you get them the first time? Did you scan them? I'd love to get copies.

Jess said...

I actually know exactly where they are. They are in a box in the closet of the upstairs bedroom at Mom and Dad's house. I found a box and suitcase of papers and pictures at Grandma J's house a few years ago. I offered to take them home and scan them but then got sidetracked. (As a side note, the room that the photos were stored in at Grandma's house flooded about a month after I took the pictures home. They would have been ruined.) Unless someone else moved them, they should still be there along with other papers and pictures.