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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

On a more positive note....

I think you should all take a look at Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy K. Rosenthal. (A brief warning for some of you, there are some four letter words in this book that you might not appreciate.) Other than that, this book is a gem. I finished it today. The basic premise is that this author created an encyclopedia of her life. For example: under the letter P she had Palindrome, Paris, Parking Spot, Parking Ticket, Pastries, Pay phone, Pedestrian, Peppers, Period, Phone, Photos, Picnic, Pie, Pinata, Pitcher, Plot of Soil, Potato Chips, Priest, Prison Escape Movies, Profound, and Purple Flower. Each of these topics have a personal story to go along with them. At the beginning of the book is a Orientation Almanac, which mentions facts from the beginning of the twenty-first century such as top tv shows, popular children's names, numbers that we all memorize, and common slang. She included this section just in case someone is reading this book 50 years into the future. There is also a chronology of the author's life from birth to the present. I found that book to be lots of fun. I liked it so much that, if I were an ambitious person, I would endeavour to write an encyclopedia of my own life. Hey, I may end up writing a couple of blog entries in this particular style. I have to give a great big thank you to my sister, Jen, for recommending it. Thanks.

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