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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Capes with clothespins

After church on Sunday I went up to my parent's house to celebrate Father's Day and two birthdays. We had a great meal, as always. I ended up getting Lauren and Isaac a flip book/card set about bugs. Hopefully they can use them all summer long to identify bugs (or at least have pretty pictures to look at.) The weather went from cloudy, to rainy, to sunny, and then to windy. After dinner most of the kids went outside to play. When I was a kid, I used to love going out in the wind with a sheet and pretend that I was a superhero or a dancer in a flowing road. As we were running around, I thought that the three-year-olds would like to do the same. I got four pillowcases (sheets being way too long) and headed out. After showing the kids how to hold the pillowcases around their necks with their fingers we took off. After a few minutes I realize that it would be much easier to run around if the kids didn't have to hold the pillowcases on. I went back inside and found some clothespins. After securing everyone's capes and giving mine to Tanner, we took off again. Sidney joined in with her own cape. The six of us ran around the yard flying and having lots of fun. It reminded me that some of the simplest things can be the best: a pillowcase, a cardboard box, bubblewrap, etc. Hopefully one of the family photographers managed to get some pictures of the kids.
I loved spending time with my nieces and nephews. I went home a little early so that I could drop Dad's keys off to him at Grandma's house.

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Nana J said...

It was so fun to watch. I am glad you thought of the capes.