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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Meme's a long one

Another Meme for your enjoyment:

1. Flip to page 18, paragraph 4 - of the closest book to you, what does it say? "Now, as in the past, cultures define themselves by the songs they sing and the stories they love to tell." This is from the Norton Anthology of English Literature, Volume E.
2. If you stretch out your left arm as far as possible, what are you touching? The wall of Mom's office is less than a foot away from where I am sitting. Not a long stretch. If I reach up I can touch a framed photo of a tree and a pond.
3. What's the last program you watched on tv? For more than 5 minutes? I guess that would be Doctor 90210. Last night while typing on the computer, I had the tv on. I saw/heard about 30 minutes of it. It is a reality show about plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. (P.S. Dr. Ray's wife should leave him. He is way too selfish.)
4. Without looking, guess what time it is? I would guess about midnight. (Just looked at the clock, it is now 12:23 am)
5. Except your computer, what can you hear now? Itunes. I am listening to Itunes on the computer. The current song is Dyslexic Heart by Paul Westerberg. The song before that was The Dreame from the soundtrack to Sense and Sensibility. Bonnie Raitt is next.
6. When was the last time you went outside and what did you do? I went out to go shopping. I ended up doing almost all of my Christmas shopping this afternoon.
7. What are you wearing? My blue scrub bottoms and a red sweatshirt.
8. What did you dream about last night? I dreamed that my extended Roberts family moved in and took over my bedroom. I had to sleep in the fruit room.
9. When was the last time you laughed? Less than an hour ago. I was reading a blog by a librarian. She was describing something that happened in her library with a patron.
10. What are on the walls of the room you are in right now? There is a photo of a tree and pond taken by Dad, a shelf, and a bulletin board.
11. Have you seen anything strange lately? Does strange include a woman coming within a foot of hitting my car with her own. I hate driver's who talk on their cell phones and can't pay attention to the road. If you can't multi-task, don't talk and drive.
12. What do you think of this Meme? It's pretty good. I can reveal a little about myself but nothing too deep.
13. What's the last film you saw? Stranger than fiction. It was excellent.
14. If you became a multimillionaire, what would you do? I would buy myself a small house and a new, but modest car, buy my siblings new houses if they wanted, and then travel. After a trip or two (accompanied by various family members), I would return to Utah, deposit a million in a bank account to watch it grow, and start helping people who really needed it. I think I would keep my job at the library because I love it. Plus, I would lose my mind without something to occupy it.
15. Tell us something that most people don't know about you? Whenever I get really stressed in my life, I get a rash on my stomach around my bellybutton.
16. If you could change one thing in this world, without regarding politics or bad guilt - what would it be? That wars were actually waged with rubber bullets, feather knives, and cotton-stuffed bombs. It could be like the sock wars that I had as a child.
17. Do you like dancing? Yes, although I can't say I'm any good. I have a recurring fantasy about slow dancing with a handsome man who is in love with me.
18. George Bush? A president who can't be re-elected. Enough said.
19. What do you want you children's names to be, boy or girl? I have always liked Samantha for a girl. Basically, I am in favor of names that can be shortened. That way, when the parent is mad, they can use the full name.
20. Would you ever consider living abroad? I'm not sure. On one hand, it would be a wonderful adventure. I think I could make friends anywhere. On the other hand, it would kill me to live an entire country away from my family.

Thus ends the huge Meme.

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