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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Party at Jen's house

On Saturday I headed off to work. Wow, the day before Christmas Eve has got to be the slowest day at libraries across the land. After work I went over to Jen's house for a get together. I got some great pictures of everyone. After munching on food and talking, those with kids had to leave. Brandon, Erin, Jen, and I ended up watching Elf. After Brandon left, the three of us girls watched episodes of Greys Anatomy and talking until 2 am. It was a lot of fun.

<--- Ben and his son Caleb
Lyns and Caleb ---->

Rayanne, Ryan, Boston, and Grant (the boys were very shy at first, but then warmed up to all of us scary grown-ups.)


and Erin ----->

Boston and Grant blowing out candles

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