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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Today was a fun day. I woke up with a new perspective. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I was going to press onward. Yes, I didn't get the job I wanted, but I refuse to be pulled down by it. I am sure there is another job out there for me.
Sidney woke me up when she came to get me for breakfast. Someone, probably Dad, had made breakfast cake and fruit. Yum. Sidney and I then played with Christmas ornaments and put a few more on the tree. She also decided that we needed to hang some garlands of nutcracker men around the house and put together the nativity scene. Wyatt was in a fairly good mood until after lunch when he became sleepy. He is so stubborn. He was exhausted but refused to take a nap. Jordan and Isaac joined us in the large amounts of fun. Sidney and I finally got out of our pajamas and went to the craft store for supplies to make candy cane reindeer. Even though we got distracted by the wind chimes, we managed to get candy canes, brown pipe cleaner, red puff balls, and some plastic "googly" eyes. It was messy to glue together but they ended up fairly cute. Wyatt had Clementines (a type of citrus) for the first time. Mom made chicken noodle soup and bread sticks for dinner. Josh, Brooke, Jeremy, and Alison joined us and it ended up being quite a family gathering. Aunt Diane stopped by on her way down from Idaho to visit Grandma and Grandpa R. Well, it is now after 11 and I have to be to work by 8:30 am. Guess I should try to get some sleep. Goodnight dear blog readers.

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Josh said...

Grades came out today, excited?